GPSFileDepot Peru Maps compatible with Basecamp on Win 10 & GPSMap76CSx

Started by Fernwood Cottage, March 19, 2016, 05:41:01 PM

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Fernwood Cottage

I'm heading out to discover Peru.  It's jungles and mountains.
Are Peru Ruteable, Topo-100 & Topo-20 compatible with my PC s/w & GPS device?

Indrid Cold

Those maps are not hosted here so it's anyone's guess. Check their website directly for specific information.

Fernwood Cottage

Thanks, but I'm a bit confused (I'm a first time user of your site) as I did find these Peru Garmin Compatible Maps on your website ... at www gpsfiledepot com maps country pe

How can I tell when searching if a map I find is hosted by you or not?

Many thanks


Is this the map?

It says very clearly that the map is not hosted at GPSFileDepot and there is also a link to the website where it is hosted:

QuoteVisit Peru Ruteable To Download.

Note: This map is not hosted by GPSFileDepot

When a user lists their map on GPSFileDepot, he has the option to host it directly on the site or to just provide a link to another site where the map is hosted. GPSFileDepot has no control over this.