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USB 3.0 speed not so fast.

Started by harryhh, September 29, 2016, 03:08:12 PM

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Yaa i'll also experince it too much slow


First, it is an .img file and not .imp ;)

You can put an SD card in a USB 3.0 card reader or a slot on your computer. Make sure the card is formatted FAT32 and create a folder named Garmin at the root level. You can put .img files in that folder, however many (if not most) vintage devices will only recognize the map file if it is named gmapsupp.img.

This only applies to old devices like the Nuvi 760. Starting with (IIRC) the Nuvi 1200/1300 series, map files go in a folder named Map and can have any name as long as they have a .img extension.