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No maps in BaseCamp or Mapinstall

Started by mightythordog, March 16, 2016, 05:04:51 PM

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Running Windows 10, all programs are up to date.  Downloaded a few different state topo maps.  They are sitting in download file on my computer. They DONOT open up in the Garmin Installer or BaseCamp.  When you go to open them up the windows installer ( I guess its windows, its NOT Garmin) and it wants to save everything in C:\Program Files (x86)\witpo11

So, I guess I need to be treated like an idiot and need a step by step on where to put this file SO it will get into Mapinstall and than BaseCamp.

I did this years ago in XP and into my Dakota 20 with no problems.  Now Windows 10 and trying to get these topos on my new Oregon 600, I am having trouble. 

So anyone, HELP


Thank you for an answer.  I cant tell you how many posts and replies I read last night and never saw that one.  Could you tell I had just about had it? :-[


ok, talked to soon.  Went back and changed the name on all the topo maps I downloaded.  Nothing!  Map istaller tells me there are no unlocked maps.  Still reading but, it looks by the views many of us have this problem.  So, HELP again!


Quote from: mightythordog on March 17, 2016, 03:45:31 PMWent back and changed the name on all the topo maps I downloaded.

I'm still on Win 7 so I can't test any of this. But if you read the post in my link, it isn't the name of the topo map. It's the location where the map is installed. According to that post (and other recent threads), the map needs to be installed in the C:\Garmin directory.


Exactly which map and do you see them in BaseCamp in the map products drop down menu at all?

I'd also suggest installing the Arizona Topo and see if that works?  If so, then try to install the WI Topo again and see if it shows correctly.

The other option is to install it to C:\Garmin\witopo11 and see if that works.
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Update!  Did everything that everyone said.  Tried it all.  So, with my temper, I shut off the windows 10 laptop and started up the windows Vista.  Wham Bam, Thank you ma'am. I have all of the midwest and a good portion of the west.  No problems, just my time waiting for downloads and a slow computer. ;)  Didnt have time to waste more time on it, have a new GPS to play with. 8)