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Author Topic: Editing a map  (Read 2235 times)


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Editing a map
« on: March 24, 2016, 08:08:02 AM »
I noticed that my newest map has an odd behavior that I would like to address .
It has to do with labels and zoom levels.
When viewing the map in BaseCamp I notice city/town names do not show at the same or appropriate  zoom level.  It would seem to me that cities with the greatest population would be displayed at a higher level and as you zoom in the smaller cities/towns would then be displayed.
At certain zoom levels (where there is more than enough room for all the labels) typical small town names are displayed in some sections of the map and not others. If I zoom in one or two levels the remaining town labels are displayed. 
Also I have a few street labels displayed at the top most zoom level which show the entire state. Then they turn off as I zoom in.

How do I go about fixing this ?


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Re: Editing a map
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2016, 09:27:50 AM »
Personally I have always found  the behavior of city/town names very inconsistent in Basecamp and Mapsource. And it is very different on a Garmin Handheld. The Garmin Nuvi series also different.

There are a whole bunch of different MP_TYPEs for cities and towns, I have tried a variety of these and played with zoom levels, but sort of came to the conclusion "it is what it is".

A specific problem in Mapsource/Basecamp is that the city ICON will show, but there is no label. This doesn't usually happen on the GPS devices.

IIRC, Mapsource and the PC version of Basecamp allows you to choose the font and size for map objects (ALL objects though, not specific types of objects). However the Mac version of Basecamp doesn't give you any control over font/size and the default is really small and can be hard to see in a cluttered map. I think the color is always blue and that cannot be changed either.
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