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RSS Feed for the forum is not working

Started by LIHIKER, March 01, 2016, 06:53:21 AM

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To Whom it Concerns

    Is there an issue with the RSS feed for the forum? Both my browser ( Firefox ) RSS feed and my RSS App on my iPad stopped receiving feeds for GPSFileDepot's forum. I tried to copy the link for the forum and paste it into the RSS App, and the RSS App rejected it. Any help will be appreciated.



Are you trying this feed? It appears to work fo r me; its possible that its glitching if you don't have the https;type=rss
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     I tried the link that you provided and still did not work in the RSS app. I will write the authors of the app to see if they have  any suggests. I will try the link in the browser if I get the chance.
      Thanks for help...