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Garmin Montana 680, or 680T, or 650 Etc..

Started by GoSaints, February 08, 2016, 12:04:18 PM

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After reading on the forum for a while looking for an off road GPS.  Specifically for 4 wheeler and/or SxS and mostly for the Outlaw Trails and Hatfield McCoy Trails in WV.  Own a small place to ride out there, and learning the area.  My next must buy is a GPS...

It appears based on my needs, larger screen, ease of use, ability to download trail maps, riding the trials showing color difficult etc... I would consider my needs nearly the same as this post...

Based on the responses... The Garmin Montana seems to be a good buy? The question is, what model?  Is one better then another?  And it seems they cost around $550, is there a better spot to look?
Thanks in advance, Go Saints


The Montana 650 is the same as the 600 but it includes a camera that by all reports is pretty bad. Do you really need a camera built into the GPS? The 680 is a newer updated version, basically the same as the 650 but it includes GLONASS reception. That means it will receive signals from additional satellites that may improve reception a bit in difficult areas like canyons. The models with a "t" include Garmin's US topo 100k map, which is not very accurate.

Personally, I would not get any of the above models, but that's just me. If you want the best bang for the buck, you can get a factory refurb Montana 600, which is the same as the 650 but without the camera. Garmin refurbs have the same warranty as new. It's available for $346 at GPSCity:

You should shop around, other vendors may also have the refurbs. If you feel the GLONASS reception would be a benefit, then a Montana 610 costs about $500. IMO, you don't get much for the extra $150 though.

But I would also give some consideration to using a tablet or large phone in a rugged case as an alternative. That should be less expensive and will give you many choices of apps and maps plus a larger screen.