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Alabama topo on Oregon 600

Started by docboyd1, March 12, 2016, 01:58:08 PM

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I have loaded the alabama topo off the GPSFileDepot site, plus 3 other southeastern states, including Florida. However, my GPS unit can only find Florida, not the other three. The Florida map seemed to load differently onto the garmin software on my pc. I can see all 4 on the mapbase software. I followed the exact same procedure to load all three onto the memory card. Is there a tutorial that might explain the proper procedures?


Did you use Mapsource? If so, it always creates a file named gmapsupp.img when you send a map to the GPS. So it will erase the previous map which is also named gmapsupp.img. The solution is to change the name to floridatopo.img (or whatever) after sending each map.

Now if you used Basecamp and MapInstall, then that software is supposed to be smart enough to prevent the new map from erasing the old ones, but that may not always work. If you send the maps to internal memory it will behave differently than if you send them to a memory card.

Look inside the Garmin folder on the card or internal memory. Is there a file named gmapsupp.img there, or does it have a more descriptive name?

Without getting too deep into the weeds, if the file is named gmapsupp.img, then just change the name and use the technique described above.

There is another issue if you have too many maps loaded on your GPS. Are you using other maps in addition to these? Maps consist of smaller tiles called segments. The Oregon 600 series can only access a maximum of 4000 segments. If you have more , some maps will not work.

It may be difficult to troubleshoot this, but generally speaking, you have to load a bunch of maps. If you loaded one of Garmin's 24k topos plus the maps you described however, you might have a problem because the Garmin maps have lots of segments.


docboyd1 - I had the same problem loading maps to my Oregon 650.  The FL map worked just fine, none of the other maps (SE US) could be found by BaseCamp.  When loading the AL topo, a screen pops up giving a destination folder of "C:\Program Files (x86)\altopo11" (this is the third screen of the installation process).  Just change the destination to "C:\Garmin\altopo11" (I used "Alabama topo11" just looked a little cleaner).  Map should load just fine.  Restart BaseCamp (apparently it only looks for loaded maps when it initially loads - another of the nuggets I've learned on this site).  Your AL topo should show in your BaseCamp Maps tab as "altopo11".

Hope this works for you.  I was able to use this workaround to get all the maps on my pc and into my Oregon.