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I downloaded topo map now my sd card map is gone

Started by 2shibas, July 12, 2009, 06:33:13 AM

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I downloaded a topo map to my Oregon 400c and now I can't access my North American City Navigator map that is on an sd micro card.  Did it overwrite the card?  Please tell me it didn't!!  Thank you.

Indrid Cold


  • 1. Did you load the TOPO map to the internal memory or the sd card?
  • 2. Was the sd card preprogrammed by Garmin or do you have the City Navigater DVD?
  • 3. Which TOPO map was it?


I didn't see any options when I downloaded the Florida topo map regarding internal memory or to the micro sd card.  It was a Garmin preprogrammed micro sd card.  Thanks.

Indrid Cold

You should have had the option to select where you installed it in MapSource and/or MapInstall with an Oregon 400c with a sd card installed in it. Did you see a window like this:


No, that screen never came up.  That would have been a red flag for me.  Why would Garmin make those cards rewritable?  Bad idea if that's what happened.


Have you tried popping the Garmin SD card into a card reader and opening the .img file with something like GPSMapEdit ( to see if your original map was overwritten? It does seem pretty silly to me that Garmin wouldn't lock a card they sold with data on it.