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Map installation locations (Windows installer)

Started by mixer440, January 25, 2016, 03:35:22 PM

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When I've installed various maps by running the file/installer, I noticed the maps install in various locations (some in the root of C:/ or Programs(X86) and others in a created folder called Garmin.    Can I move these all to one location........for example another drive ?

Second, but a more technical question:   Do the installers simply unpak the files and then copy them to a directory ?

Great website and a lot of knowledge here.



The answer to that question could be somewhat complex, depending on the maps. Garmin's older map format uses Windows registry keys to identify maps. These keys are created by the installer and you cannot simply move a map to another location after installation. You also cannot simply copy the files to another computer. Most of the maps on this site are in this format.

When Garmin made their maps compatible with the Mac, they created a new format (gmap) that just uses folders because Macs don't have registries.  ;) This kind of map can also be used on Windows and I have encouraged authors to use it for their maps here. One advantage is that the same maps work on both Macs and PCs. There are some maps in this format at gpsfiledepot, but they are in the minority.

Maps in the old format that use the standard installer suggested by gpsfiledepot will ask you where you want the map installed. Personally I think this is a bad idea and it leads to a lot of confusion. Life is simpler if the installer just uses the standard location recommended by Garmin.

But putting all this aside, to simply answer your question, there's a handy utility program that allows you to move maps where you want. It takes care of creating registry keys if needed. It is especially useful when you get a new computer and want to move your maps to it.