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Zumo 390 or 590 work with custom maps?

Started by Toddwmac, January 31, 2016, 05:50:32 PM

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I was looking in this forum for any posts on the Zumo 390 or 590 and saw nothing at all. 
Just wanted to be sure there was nothing about those units that excluded them from using maps from sites like this.
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Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion over the term "custom maps". At GPSFileDepot, it refers to any map created by a user and not Garmin. However, Garmin defines it as something entirely different. When Garmin refers to "Custom Maps", this is what they are talking about:

You can find maps of this type at GPSFileDepot by going here and checking the box "Garmin Custom (Imagery)" under "Search by map features":

Generally speaking this kind of map only works on handheld devices like the Oregon, Montana, eTrex 30, etc. However according to Garmin's specs, this kind of map will also work on the Zumo 590. Apparently, this kind of map is NOT compatible with the Zumo 390.

Garmin also claims the Zumo 590 is "topo map compatible" but the 390 is not. I don't know what this means, have never used either of these. Typically, topo maps from GPSFileDepot will work on any Garmin device (such as the Nuvi) however some features will not display correctly.