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Map Creation and Selection Issue

Started by dleblanc2546, December 30, 2015, 12:12:52 PM

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So when I try to create two separate maps and load them into the same device I get an error because the image creator only lets me make Disc Image Files with the name GMAPSUPP.img and not anything custom.  So I do the usual steps and try to rename one file or the other with a number or letter but the Garmin Nuvi 760 I have cannot find the file without the original name of "GMAPSUPP".

I want to make a mapset that I can turn on either maps or both at the same time but keep running into the same issue.

I am using GPSMapEdit to create the original Polish format .mp file and Sendmap20 to create my Disc Image File.

Does anyone know what my deal is or maybe have experience with the same issue?  Any help is greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately the .img file extension is used for a number of completely different things You are not creating "disk images". Garmin uses the .img extension to identify maps in their proprietary format.

Newer Garmin devices will recognize any file with an .img extension as a map, I believe this started with the Nuv 13xx series. Some older models will only recognize a single file named gmapsupp.img. Others recognize some names like gmapoem.img, gmapsupp1.img and others.

But the files need to have unique FIDs to be individually enabled. If you install your maps in Mapsource/Basecamp, you can select tiles from multiple maps and send them bundled together in a single gmapsupp.img file. On the GPS you will be able to individually enable/disable these maps. I use MapsetToolKit to install the maps I create in Mapsource.

There may be other ways to accomplish the same thing using a program like gmaptool. Popej may come along to explain that. :)


Okay.  That makes sense then.  I use a tool called Sendmap20 to generate the .img file.  It makes sense that the unit would not recognize a file with a name other than GMAPSUPP.img but the original maps on the unit have different names.  Do the older Garmin devices only recognize those and a user generated file with the GMAPSUPP name then?  I'm kind of confused.

I attached an image of the files I am referring to.


There are various standard filenames on the Nuvi...

gmapprom.img - pre-installed City Navigator map
gmapbmap.img - basemap (a crude map of the whole world)
gmaptz.img - timezone map, used to calculate arrival times across different zones
gmapdem.img - 3d terrain (Nuvi 3xxx series)
gmap3d.img - 3d buildings (Nuvi 7x5 and 3xxx series)
gmapsupp.img - user-installed supplemental map

As I said, you can use any name on the newer models, but yours is an old model. Any other names are model-specific on the Nuvi and I don't know which yours might support.

If you just learn how to install the maps in Mapsource, that will solve the problem since you can send multiple maps in a single gmapsupp.img file. Also helpful to be able to view it on your computer. :)


FWIW, you can also insert a SD memory card with a Garmin folder that contains a file named gmapsupp.img. That's a quick and dirty way to at least have two maps on these old Nuvis.  ;)


Yeah.  I figured out that I can put two maps on as long as I use an SD card but it kind of defeats the purpose of what I'm trying to accomplish at this point and time.  Your help is greatly appreciated.


One more thing, do you have or know of a link that could direct me to where to download Mapsource from?  I have looked for the original software but seem to only be able to find an update link.  I'm having technical difficulties I suppose.


Garmin discontinued Mapsource a number of years ago, but still make it available for download here

You are correct that it's an "update", but just run GMTK before installing:

QuoteThe downloadable version of MapSource is an update version, that refuses to install when no older version exists. JaVaWa GMTK prepares, when necessary, automatically your PC so that MapSource will install properly.

This will not install any maps, just the Mapsource application.


Thanks Boyd.

One more thing.  Is there a newer program that can be used to program newer Garmin units with map data I've recorded myself for route-able uses?