Trouble combining map data into one navigatble image file

Started by dleblanc2546, December 22, 2015, 03:49:18 PM

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I've been trying to combine two different sets of map data into one and have had nothing but trouble doing it.

I am using GPSMapEdit and CGPSmapper as editing and generating software.

It seems that when I combine both sets of map data and compile it into a usable image there are roads and points missing from the finished product.  I do not have this same issue when I make the maps separately.  The data I do have will route as it should but I want to have all of it, not just 75-80%.

Any clues as to how I can remedy this situation?  Help, or guidance, is greatly appreciated.


What is the format of data, that you are combining? Polish mp source?
How do you combine data? Do you use File -> Add command form GPSMapEdit?


Both .mp files are polish format.  I'm not 100% sure how to add one map to another so what I've been doing is just loading all the .shp data I have stored into one map in GPSMapEdit.

via : File > Import > ESRI shape (.shp)

I'll try the File > Add command.  I have honestly never used it before.


File > Add is exactly for adding maps in mp format. Load first file and then use Add command for next one. Actually you can use drag&drop for adding mp files.