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QGIS hillshade with vector or only with raster?

Started by RCinSTP, December 24, 2015, 08:46:39 AM

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I have a map made of many different vector layers.  There is a contour layer of polylines. I also have DEM data in a .gdb file with lots of MultiPolygon data it in.
I'm using QGIS/OSGeo4W64 and I would like to add shading to show the elevation changes.  I read a bit about hillshading and I've found some instructions but it all seems to deal with raster data.  As far as I can tell the .gdb file is all vector data.  Do I work with the contour vector layer?  Or, do I work with the DEM data in the .gdb file?  Are there qgis plugins that will help?  Do I need to deal with colorramps?