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Turn off Alarm

Started by ChuckTin, December 20, 2015, 04:39:13 AM

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Picked up a Garmin GPS MAP 64S, refurbished unit. It has an alarm setting that has re-occured twice at midnight (!) but after the first time I thought I had erased the setting.
Funny thing is the alarm started after I put the Receiver in a clamshell case. Surely the case has nothing to do with the alarm?
I suppose I could do a factory reset (?) to clear all alarms but that erases everything and seems like over - kill.
I used Main Menu - Alarm - Turn Off, then Main Menu - Alarm - (reset to 00:00 AM) and moved the 64 to a soft case, just on General Principals. Any other settings I need to look at?


I don't have a 64; my house alarm clock resets (to midnight) and activates the alarm every time the electricity goes off.  Since I never use it as an alarm, it is quite annoying when it goes off the next midnight.  Very inconsiderate of the designer to use midnight rather than some time when people are usually awake.  Is your clam-shell case touching some button?