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NUVI Trip Log -NUVI 855

Started by BKSLDR7, July 07, 2009, 09:41:19 AM

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Does the trip log collect data when the Nuvi is in sleep mode?  I tried the trip log while walking with the NUVI in sleep mode(screen blanked but GPSr still on-855 does not turn off) but when I selected show trip log in MAP INFO no track showed in the area I had been.  Do I have to take it out of sleep mode to get the trip log to record?

Also, tried to download tracks with Road Trip but it said that there was no track or waypoint data to download. There should be at least a couple of Favorites in the NUVI that should download as waypoints.



OK. It looks like the tracklog only gets added to if the NUVI 855 is
out of sleep mode(not turned off-it never gets completelly turned off but
the switch cannot be slid all the way left).

Can someone confirm that?


I would assume it has to be out of sleep mode; sleep would drain a lot of power if it were always tracking.
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The answer is, yes the tracklog only works out of sleep mode
on a NUVI 855.  One should probably turn the screen brightness
way down to conserve power if battery time will be a issue.