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locking Garmin img format maps

Started by RCinSTP, December 14, 2015, 11:17:41 AM

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I created a .img map that I want to distribute.  I would like to prevent others from copying the map and giving it to others.  cGPSmapper has software to "lock" the map so it can only be used with a specific GPS device or SD memory card.  It looks like the cGPSmapper software that has the lock feature is very expensive, is there any other way to lock a map or prevent users from copying the map or using it on multiple devices?


cGPSmapper is the only available software, that creates lockable maps. It is an old schema of protection, which is easy to overcome, still it works for not demanding purposes.

cGPSmapper is no longer developed, you probably can't buy it anymore. If you are interested in this software, try to contact author directly.