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Cannot See GPSFileDepot Maps on Etrex 20X

Started by Sr.Bigote, December 08, 2015, 07:18:48 AM

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I am extremely new to Garmin Etrex 20X and possibly overlooking something simply.

I downloaded three maps from GPSFileDepot (DesertSouthwest, My Trails, NCTOPO11) to Basecamp and can see them and use them totally as expected within the PC format.

I placed a new, 64Gb, PNY, microSD, formatted in ExFat in the GPS unit and did a standard install according to GPSFileDepot directions.  Everything worked exactly as expected.

I can see the files on the SD card (in Mass Data mode) under removeabledisc/Garmin/ . .  . and they are saved as Disc Image Files.

When I go to the unit and look to "enable" the maps, however, they do not show up on the list (only the maps on the internal drive show up).

Earlier, I put those same maps on the internal drive (prior to buying an SDmicro) and they worked without any problem on the unit (from the internal drive).

I switched the micro SD card to a purchased Garmin map system, and the map on that Garmin system shows up on the map list, can be enabled, can be used on the unit.

What am I doing wrong?  Is it possible that the formatting (ExFAT vs. FAT32) or size of the SD card is too large?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


You must format the SD card as FAT32. I don't believe 64gb cards directly support FAT32 but gather there may be a workaround. Regardless, you don't need a 64gb card for your eTrex. Garmin's map format has some other very specific limits that prevents you from storing anywhere near that amount of data on the GPS.

FYI, your files are not "disk images". Unfortunately, the .img extension is used for several very different file formats. A Garmin .img file is a vector based map in their proprietary format. This kind of map is broken down into many smaller maps called "tiles" or "segments". Your eTrex cannot access any more than 3000 map segments. This total applies to the sum of all maps that are loaded on either the card or internal memory.

There is no standard segment size, it's up to the map author. However I think you will reach the limit if you load more than a three of Garmin's own 24k topo maps. And that would probably fit on an 8gb SD card.

Bottom line is that you are not likely to need more than a 16gb card on your eTrex. Otherwise, I believe a 32gb card would still be completely compatible with FAT32.


Very helpful and makes sense.  I switched to a 16GB and everything moved over fine and is opening.  Thank you for your help.



I have been wrestling with much the same issue. SD size. I never thought it would be so difficult to find the small ones, 64s are all over the place. I did stumble across a 16, in a grocery store!