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Loading more than one map on Garmin Vista HCx

Started by GeoWalt, July 06, 2009, 05:17:45 PM

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I have a Garmin Vista HCx which has a 2GB card which I have loaded with Garmin's Inland Lakes maps.  Can I load another mapset, such as Garmin's USA Topo onto the same memory card and still have the Inland Lakes maps?  The 2gb mem card is a generic card not a Garmin with pre-loaded maps.
Or would I need a separate sd Mem card for each map? 
Thanks for any information.


In MapSource you would select the tiles/quads you are interested in from one mapset.  The list of selected appears in the large box on the left side.  Then select tiles/quads of interest from the second mapset.  These are added to those in the box.  Then send to the GPSr unit or memory card.  A gmapsupp.img file will be created.  To add/change tiles/quads, this file must be recreated in MapSource.  There is a 2025 tile/quad limit, which you could reach before the 2Gb.  You can not add a mapset to a Garmin pre-loaded card


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