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Cannot insert a Mapset in Mapsource (MapsettoolKit Error)

Started by adelossantos, July 28, 2015, 04:04:41 AM

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Hi All,

I have a custom map that I'm using in our area that works fine in my garmin device.

Recently, I replace my computer with a new one since my old computer is getting super slow.

With my new computer, I install again my GPSMapEdit Shareware Version & cGPSmapper Commercial Routable Version.

Everything looks fine until when I open MapsetToolKit.  When I tried to install my map, I got an error message "Cannot insert a Mapset in Mapsource". 

I tried to restart my computer, double check my REG file but I can't see any different with my previous process where my maps was installed perfectly on my GPS device.  I even tried to run mapsettoolkit with admin rights but error message "cannot insert a Mapset in Mapsource" keep poping up and no maps was installed and no maps can be seen in mapsource/basecamp.

pls help


Maybe you do not own write access to registry branch? Try to run MapSetToolKit as admin.


Hi popej,

Thank you for your continuous support.
As I mention in my previous post, I already tried to run the mapsettoolkit with admin right but the problem still exist.


Are you using 64-bit Windows? There are sometimes problems with registry virtualization. Check if you have following registry key (64-bit Windows only):

This is the registry branch, where maps are installed.

On 32-bit Windows this would be:


As Popej indicates, the problem is definitely in the registry.  I have run into this problem several times on different computers over many years of doing this stuff. For some reason MapSetToolkit v1.77 will fail to write the required registry values on some machines.  You will get the "convert completed" notification, but then the mapset will not be installed and it is because the registry will not update. I was just working with someone who had the exact problem, and like many who have this issue, it is on a Company computer for which he does not have admin privileges and there's no way he's going to get them and the IT department doesn't want him doing any of this stuff, but he still needs to do it. When I asked him (over the phone) to dig into the registry exactly in the way Popej describes it (starting with typing "regedit" in the run box, he found that there were no "Families" entries under "Mapsource." Because he was installing a mapset that I had built myself and he had the individual img files that make up the mapset placed under an identical filepath to how I had it on my machine, I was able to talk him through the process (and also send him screenshots via email as we talked that helped a lot) so he ended up solving the problem to the delight of both of us.  That is, he was able to see the mapset in Mapsource and in Basecamp, and also send the mapset to a GPS unit from there, after we went through the process. It's a bit involved to describe over the phone or to write down, but if you have this problem it can help a lot if you look at the registry entries as per Popej's instructions on another computer (64 bit OS) that has Families of mapsets installed on it and working well in Mapsource / Basecamp, and then emulate the binary value and string value entries displayed there on the computer that is having the problem. Like I said, hard to explain in detail (especially if you're not a computer geek that understands all that binary string value gobbledygook natively - and I certainly do not), but it is not so hard in practice if you pay attention to what you are doing.  You really do need to be clear headed and make no mistakes when you are doing anything in the registry, but have no fear.