Rino 650 Will not show 2K map on display they are loaded but not there

Started by ANTMAN69, November 18, 2015, 03:47:23 PM

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I tried to load an 8 gig micro SD card with the 2k CD of North East maps and it doesn't show up on my display my GPS won't recognize it


What is a 2k CD? Are you talking about the DVD of the Garmin 24k US Topo Northeast? Describe how you tried to load it on the SD card. You really haven't provided enough information for us to help.

But since this is a Garmin product, it is probably better to contact Garmin support. They can talk you through the process of loading the map, and can replace the DVD if there is a problem. These forums are mainly for the support of the free maps at GPSFileDepot. Contact Garmin support here: