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Swapping map files

Started by kelbro, October 26, 2015, 05:34:30 AM

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I have a problem with my Nuvi 755T. I purchased the China map set from Garmin and loaded it. Problem is that it takes too much memory and the next CitySelect update would no longer fit in the memory so I had to add an SD card. Now the City select updates are so big that the memory card only takes the Southern US and Mexico.

I would like to move the China maps off onto the memory card and have all of the US in the 755T.

How would I swap the files?

Which files would I swap?

Thanks for your suggestions.


Since the GPSFileDepot forums are primarily intended to support the free topo maps on this site, I suggest that you ask your question in a Nuvi-specific forum, such as GPSReview. This is a frequent topic of discusson over there. Full disclosure: I'm a gpsreview moderator :)


Thanks Boyd. I posted over there with more details.