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Oregon 600 - Issue navigating to waypoints when off trail hiking.

Started by hannaherowe, October 16, 2015, 10:43:10 AM

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I have a number of waypoints located across a State Park, which I am trying to navigate to. These points are not always located on a trail and are not in proximity to roads. I would like to use the navigation tool with compass to click on a waypoint and be directed to it.

However, with non-routable maps this is not possible and with a routable map it tries to take me via roads which are not getting me anywhere closer to the waypoint. I just need to hike through the forest.

Do I need to install a different kind of map? I do not want to buy a map so I have downloaded various free maps.

Thanks very much in advance!!


Have never used an Oregon 600. But on my Montana 600 I would press Setup > Routing > Activity > Direct Routing. Also make sure Lock on Road is set to No.

Have you tried this?


Thank you! I did not have it set to direct routing! The screen just shows me a pink line to follow to get to my point. Any idea if it is possible to have the compass showing instead, with the direction to head and the number of feet?


If I understand you.... try these steps, this is what I would do on the Montana:

Main Menu> Where To > Waypoints (your waypoint) > Go
Main Menu > Compass > three bar menu > Change Dashboard > Large Data Field > Return

Now on the Compass screen, tap whatever is currently showing at the top of the screen, then press

Navigation > Distance To Destination > Return

You might want to spend a little time here: