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Waypoint/GPX file

Started by BKSLDR7, July 05, 2009, 01:31:57 PM

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I'm new to GPS. I'm working on a MAC. I downloaded waypoints from my 855 to NG TOPO. That added the four original waypoints in my GPS to the TOPO map.  I then uploaded selected waypoints from NG TOPO to my Garmin 855. But it uploaded all the waypoints instead of only the one I selected and replaced the GPX file with the new file from TOPO.  Now I have the original 4 waypoints + 118 others.  How do I get rid of them keeping only the original 4? Doing it on the 855 I have to delete them one at a time- not fun!

I can look at the GPX file with a text editor.  Can I just delete waypoints in the text editor making sure to observe the formatting and save the file back to the Garmin GPX folder with the .gpx file suffix?

part of the file in text editor-
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<gpx xmlns="" version="1.1"
     creator="TOPO! 4.x" xmlns:xsi=""
        <bounds minlat="25.0617840290070" minlon="-124.0618549585342" maxlat="50.9017009735107" maxlon="121.6402679681778"/>
    <wpt lat="38.9376826286316" lon="-120.1015055179596">
    <wpt lat="38.9321874380112" lon="-120.1054697036743">
    <wpt lat="38.9271583557129" lon="-120.1080626249313">


yes, you could.

But why not just load it into mapsource and delete them there?

Delete the <wpt .... > to </wpt>
Dan Blomberg
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Indrid Cold

Quote from: -Oz- on July 06, 2009, 10:52:12 PM
yes, you could.

But why not just load it into mapsource RoadTrip and delete them there?

Delete the <wpt .... > to </wpt>


In Road Trip one then receives the waypoints, deletes those unwanted and then sends the folder back to the Nuvi?  Is that correct?

I also discovered that one can go to MY Data and delete multiple Favorites by selecting from a list.

Indrid Cold

I think you want to load them into RoadTrip, then bulk erase the waypoints in the GPS, then edit the file in RoadTrip, then send the folder to the GPS. Without erasing the waypoints in the GPS I think you might get duplicates.


OK.  I'll try that after backing up the Current.gpx file. 

What I see in the NUVI after upload from TOPO is:
NEW Favorite file.gpx ->  GARMIN/GPX/New Favorite file.gpx
Does the NUVI on reboot
add the content of the uploaded file to Current.gpx
replace the content of Current.gpx with the content of New Favorite file.gpx
use the content of both files when showing FAVORITES?
Because if I look at Current.gpx directly with an editor I see all of the Favorites-
the original content of Current.gpx plus the unique ones that are in New Favorite file.gpx.

If instead of uploading I just drag and drop New Favorite file.gpx into GARMIN/GPX
what happens to FAVORITE content?
What happens if I drag and drop a new .gpx file with the name Current.gpx into GARMIN/GPX?

When does the NUVI recognize these changes, on ReBOOT, immediately after the save, or?

I'm really confused. The files on the NUVI don't seem to react normally.  It's as if the NUVI
OS manipulates them after transfer from the computer.  Maybe I've just mixed up what I see.
I could sure use a concise description of how the NUVI 855 handles file content in the GPX folder.


I would suggest using RoadTrip to load the waypoints up rather than messing with the files directly BUT:
Replacing current.gpx should remove all your old favorites and load the new ones from the file on reboot.

Now sure what it would do with New Favorite file.gpx; I'd assume this depends on the nuvi because mine and my wife's treat favorites differently.
Dan Blomberg
Administrator - GPSFileDepot
GPS Units: Garmin Dakota 20, Garmin GPSMap 60csx, Nuvi 255W, Nuvi 250W, ForeRunner 110, Fenix 2, Tactix Bravo, Foretrex 401
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OK, I talked to Garmin Tech support and we actually went through
the file structure with a Nuvi 855.  "Current.gpx" contains Favorite info AND Tracklog
info and Last Position info.  When you upload waypoints and/or tracks
the info gets incorporated into "Current.gpx".  Duplicates are updated.
No duplicates remain after upload.  Also, for whatever reason, most
software, including Road Trip, leave an additional file in GARMIN/GPX
that contains just the uploaded data.  This file seems to serve no purpose
after upload as the data gets incorporated into "Current.gpx".

The only way to get rid of Favorite information is to delete it from the NUVI
itself individually or in mass with the check list OR edit the GPX XML file directly
making sure that headers remain intact and
the tag structure is observed, eg. no partial tags are left after editing.
An XML editor would be best to use as most usually have tools to
make observing tag structure easier.

I suppose that you could also replace the "Current.gpx" file directly with
a copy of the upload file from GARMIN/GPX after renaming
and perhaps editing it to add or remove certain data but I haven't
confirmed this.  It seems to me that the one time that I tried it the original
Favorite info remained but I've fiddled so much that I'm not sure about that.
More fiddling is in order.  :-)