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Author Topic: Using My Trails and Missouri Top for the first time with Basecamp  (Read 1498 times)


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Hello, a few years back I installed My Trails and Missouri Topo in MapSource without any issues.  The topo maps had grids I could select and those sections of the map would appear in the list on the left.  Likewise, I selected Il-Mo Trails from My Trails and it appeared as one line in the list on the left.  I saved this as a Mapset and was able to transfer it to My Garmin GPS.  Life was good.

The old computer fried, so I installed Basecamp on the new one.  I installed My Trails which appeared under the Maps pulldown, but I could not get it in My Collection.  The Readme for My Trails said to use GPSMapEdit to build a .kmz file that I could then import into Basecamp.  I didn't have to do this with MapSource. 

Now that it is in Basecamp I have entries in My Collections for each of the hundreds of trails.  Is this right?