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Venture Hc

Started by swanbird58, July 04, 2009, 10:37:25 AM

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Hi I'm new to this site but have been reading the forum for weeks. I have a question about my venture hc and what would be the best unit setting? I live in Arizona and would like to put the units that will get me back closer to the way point I put in. Right now I have position format at hdddmmmss.s , Map datum is WGS 84, Distance/speed-Statue. Thanks


Do you mean you have entered waypoints but your GPS does not show you at the location you expected? More likely than not, you are just seeing the limits of its accuracy and it doesn't have anything to do with settings. The specs call for 10 meter accuracy. So if you record a waypoint one day, then return to the same spot the next day, the gps could show your position 20 meters (66 feet) from the waypoint and still be within spec.

The position format just changes the way the numbers are displayed on the screen and doesn't change where it is shown on the map.


Thanks for the imput.