Maps don't show up on Garmin Oregon after loading from BaseMap

Started by vansiclenr, August 12, 2015, 03:04:39 PM

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I followed the very fine directions for loading gpsfiledepot maps into BaseCamp and from there onto a SIM drive.   Everything appeared to go well.  But when I put the SIM card into the Garmin Oregon, then went to Settings>Map>Select Map, none of the four new maps showed up.  The GMAPSUPP file shows activity at the right time, today, a few minutes ago.  I didn't write down the size of GMAPSUPP before and after, however.

Am I missing a step?  Why would maps installed to the SIM card not show up on Select Map?



FWIW, SIM cards are used in cell phones. Your Oregon uses a Micro SD memory card. :)

What kind of computer do you have? What software did you use to send the map to the GPS?

Did you use MapInstall and select portions of 4 different maps, then send to the memory card?

Old Garmin devices only recognized one file name for maps - GMAPSUPP.IMG. Newer units like your Oregon will recognize any file with a .img extension. Using the old system, multiple maps would be bundled together in a single gmapsupp.img file. I have seen some cases where this type of file does not work correctly on newer models. I always put each map in a separate file.

Try just sending one map and see if that works for troubleshooting purposes. If so, change the filename to something descriptive, like NYtopo.img (or whatever). You can repeat this process and see if one of the maps is causing the problem.


Thank you for your help.  I appreciate you taking the time.

I'm running Windows 7 on an Acer.

Windows Explorer showed GMAPSUPP.IMG as being 9802KB.  The Garmin showed "MT Topo", one of the two topo maps I need,  plus "Colorado 24 Topo", which I think is a file I bought from Above The Timber, a map of Rocky Mtn National Park, North America (something) and a group of demos that came on the device.

I tried to load Wyoming Topo, which I had downloaded from gpsfiledepot, like this:

I used Base Map to load the maps from gpsfiledepot.  It showed my Micro SD  ;) as Drive G: with two folders, User Data and City Navigator North.  I assumed the new files needed to go into User Data, to not overwrite City Navigator.  I right clicked on User Data.  One of the choices was  "Install Maps on Memory Card (G:). It loaded MapInstall.  <Continue> loaded WyTopo, the map I was working with.  It installed the map. 

Windows Explorer then showed GMAPSUPP.IMG as being 13,430KB.  and three Lower49_2013_20 files which I assume (?) are City Navigator files. 

Putting the Micro SD into the Garmin, the Garmin showed WyTopo, but NOT MT Topo.

I'll try to load one of the two Trails files for the area, NW Trails.  These are really small files, just the trails, no topo.  I assume they will act as overlays to the TOPO files?  They are already in BaseCamp.

Would it be easier to buy a second MicroSD for MT Topo?

I like the device, especially how rugged it is, but sometimes I think I'd do better investing in a power supply for my iPhone so that it would last longer than 2 hours in GPS mode. 

Thanks again, Van


I'm sorry, I forgot to list the reason for all this.  I'm going to Yellowstone and Grand Teton for some hiking in September.  The MT Topo has a great map of Yellowstone, with trails.  But the map stops at the southern boundary.  So for Grand Teton, I need the Wyoming Topo.  But this one doesn't have any trails, so I think I would need an overlay, like from NW Trails or MyTrails? 

What do you mean "Change the filename"?  Change the name of GMAPSUPP.IMG?

Thanks again,


Oh, boy...Sorry to be such a "newb", as my adolescent patients say...

Re-reading your post, I saw "Did you use MapInstall and select portions of 4 different maps, then send to the memory card?" DIFFERENT maps?  So I used the drop-down menu at the bottom of the MapInstall screen to select parts of the three maps I was trying to load, installed all of the selected parts, and Voila!

Thanks again,


If you use MapInstall to put maps in your Oregon's internal memory, the software should automatically split each map into a separate file. I don't think it will do this if you use a data card however, since it doesn't know what kind of GPS you will use the card in.

So I was suggesting manully putting each map in a separate file. For example:

First make a backup copy of the gmapsupp.img by dragging it from the card to a folder on your computer. This will allow you to revert if needed.

After doing this, delete the gmapsupp.img file from the card.

Now send the Wyoming Topo to the card using MapInstall. This will create a new gmapsupp.img file on the card that only contains that one map. Change the name of this file to wyoming.img

Now send the Montana Topo to the card. This will create a new gmapsupp.img file. Change the name of that file to montana.img

Continue the process as needed for each map. Now you will have separate files for each map and can troubleshoot any problems indivually, as opposed to have multiple maps all bundled into a single gmapsupp.img file.