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Re: Garmin 62st

Started by ChuckTin, July 29, 2015, 02:51:39 AM

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I've got a Garmin (62ST)with the 100k topo pre-installed. Have ignored that topo so far. But this discussion makes me wonder if I can un-install that Topo or do I need it to make other maps work correctly?


One nice advantage of the units with the pre-installed topo is that they have more internal memory for the map (the topo is almost 3gb). Yes, you can remove the topo but before doing so, be certain that you have a good backup of your GPS. You can simply drag or copy/paste all the files on the GPS to a folder on your computer. The pre-installed topo will be in the file named gmapprom.img, and should be obvious because there are no other files that large.

It shouldn't cause any problems to remove it AFAIK. I used to have an Oregon 400t which is the first GPS that Garmin released with a pre-installed topo. One interesting thing about that device was that it did not include a simple basemap like other Garmin handhelds have. I guess they figured the pre-installed map was enough. Not sure if new models are also like this, the regular basemap would be in a file named gmapbmap.img and it is not a very big file. But it contains a crude map of the whole world.