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GPS Antenna for 7" (kitkat) tablet?

Started by ChuckTin, July 29, 2015, 02:43:16 AM

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I have purchased an inexpensive 7" tablet and want to use an external GPS antenna with it. The tablet has KotKat and a USB connector and I will use Gaia as the App.

Have you tried an external antenna? Which one?
How practical was this configuration (as versus a built-in antenna)?
What pit-falls did you encounter?


Are you talking about an external antenna or an external GPS receiver.  I know there are external GPS receivers that are USB.  Google it.


Hmm I don't know. I think if the tablet has a receiver built-in it would be listed but I don't see it.
Googling external USB GPS Receivers next.


I don't think you want an "antenna". I never saw a tablet with an antenna jack for the GPS. I have an 8" Galaxy Tab and it has an internal GPS chip, but it's pretty bad. Very slow to acquire the satellites and slow to update position. I am using a Garmin GLO bluetooth receiver:

You can get a factory refurb with the same Garmin warranty as new for $78 here:

However, Android does not provide direct support for external GPS devices, you need to use a hack to get it to work. See this FAQ:

I had a cheap 8" tablet for a short while myself and it did not include an internal GPS chip. It worked fine with my GLO, however there are some other major issues. If your tablet doesn't have an internal GPS chip, the Google Play store will not even allow you to download many of the navigation apps. I returned the cheap tablet and got the Samsung.

Here's a long thread about Android tablets, it may be more technical than you want though:

Here are a couple threads about Android tablets on other sites: