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Help with land ownership maps

Started by 77586, November 12, 2015, 09:35:47 PM

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I own land in western Tennessee and am trying to figure out how to get a map of the property lines that I can use on my Montana. I can find the maps on tn property viewer but I don't know how to get that map in basecamp. I guess it's a oir-gis map? And if there is no way to get this map is there a way to get coordinates for the corners of private property?
Thanks for any help.


You can probably download the parcel data for free from a state or county agency, or at least I can do this in my state. The data would probably be offered in shapefile format, and there are a variety of ways to create a Garmin map from that data. However this is a somewhat complex topic that requires special software.

But there are other approaches you could also look into. See these threads:


Be cautious when using parcel data from a county or state website.  A lot of that data was produced by simply digitizing old hand drawn 'assessor maps'.  Those maps were never meant to accurately depict parcel lines.

As part of my job I often am comparing the shape of a property as shown by GIS parcel lines to the shape of the same property as shown by a survey.  Yes, sometimes the GIS parcel lines do a good job of showing the correct shape.  This is most often true in urban and suburban areas where the parcels are smaller and often multiple parcels have the same  basic size and shape.

The biggest differences I see are in more rural areas where each parcel is a different shape and parcel lines go every which way.

Of course if there is any difference in the shape of a property as shown on a survey map and the shape as shown by GIS data, the survey is correct.