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topo not on garmin montana

Started by allkidd, July 27, 2015, 07:55:41 PM

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Over the last year I've successfully loaded many topo maps onto my garmin montana. Today I loaded the wyoming topo map but when I go to my montana device it isn't showing.

Actually, really strange, on my montana the topo state maps are listed alphabetically and it stops at Tennessee. On my device it isn't showing vargina, west vargina and wyoming. From basecamp it shows that these topo maps are installed on the device.

Is there possibly a limit on the number of maps that can be loaded on the garmin montana?



Maps consist of smaller "tiles" or "segments". There are no standards for the size of a segment, it's up to the mapmaker. The Montana and other newer Garmin devices have a limit of approximately 4,000 segments. This is the total of all the segments in all the maps that are installed on your Montana, it doesn't matter whether or not you have enabled the map.

If you exceed the segment limit, some maps or portions of maps will not be available. There is no way to predict exactly what will happen because it depends on the specific maps. So, if you have a lot of maps on your Montana, that is probably the issue. You will generally reach the segment limit long before you fill a 16gb memory card for example.

It may not be easy to determine the total number of segments in your maps. MapInstall should show the number when you install them. Not sure, but JaVaWa Device Manager might also show them.

Try removing a few other maps and see if Wyoming shows. If so, then this is your problem.


I remember a post (may not have been on this site) that said there was a 20 file limit on what the GPSr would display on the list of available 'map' files.  I do not think I have ever gone over 14 or 15, and that was for testing purposes.


That is interesting, hadn't heard it before. Like you, I never have more than a few maps installed on my GPS at a time though. BTW, installing a bunch of maps can really slow down the startup sequence and that drives me crazy.  :o I have City Navigator, a portion of the Garmin NE 24k topo and a few of my own maps on my Montana. I do not have a card in the slot.

Here are Garmin's official specs on the Montana and it only mentions segment limits, not limits on how many maps can be installed.

QuoteMontana (series)

2,000 GPX files
4,000 waypoints
12,000 geocaches
200 routes, 250 points per route
200 saved tracks
2,000 archive tracks*
10,000 points per track
500 custom map tiles
250 BirdsEye Imagery files
Mapping segments vary by model:
Montana 600, 650: approximately 4,000
Montana 600t Camo, 650t: approximately 3,500 (due to internal mapping)



Thank you, that was exactly the problem. I had about 25 state topo maps and when I deleted 5 of them, wyoming and the two Virginia's appeared!

For a novice computer guy, nothing is more frustrating than when something doesn't work like it did previously.

Thanks again for the help!