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Garmin Topo 24K - too good to be true?

Started by roadscrape88, July 03, 2015, 10:18:41 AM

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There is a place in Texas (MoonTech), via Amazon. offering a Garmin OEM Topo 24k DVD covering the entire southest US - From LA to FL up to MD/VA and every state in between for $135

The vendor gives no detailed information, such as date of issue or specific GPS compatible models. The vendor states 100% satisfaction guaranteed and gives an item number of 010-11319-00.

Is there any reason not to get this DVD versus having to buy 3 Garmin DVDs to get the same coverage (and peace of mind knowing they will work) for a lot more money?

Yes, I know there are topo maps on here and I will get to downloading those and working with them.

Thank you for your input!
Happy July 4th!
Bill in Roswell, GA

Indrid Cold


Quote from: roadscrape88 on July 03, 2015, 10:18:41 AMIs there any reason not to get this DVD versus having to buy 3 Garmin DVDs to get the same coverage

What makes you think you would have to buy 3 DVDs from Garmin? As Indrid has posted, Garmin offers the same thing on a single DVD. However if you purchase maps on pre-loaded SD cards, they typically cover less territory. So you might need to buy three cards to cover that same area.

The DVDs are usually the best value for most people. In addition to covering more area, they are not locked and can be installed on all the Garmin devices that you own. The downloadable maps will be locked to a single GPS. The pre-loaded SD cards can be used in any GPS, but they cannot be duplicated, so they can only be used in one GPS at a time.


Thank you so much for the answers. On Garmin's site, I assumed the card and DVD covered the same geographical area. Ironic to find that they do not!

I look forward to learning more about GPS on this site and contributing some routes.

Bill in Roswell, GA