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Transfer Waypoints from Mapsource to New Garmin 4592LM

Started by GPS1, June 29, 2015, 05:38:43 AM

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For  several years I have had a Garmin Nuvi1460 using Mapsource v to load maps and waypoints to and from my 1460. I have now purchased a garmin 4592LM which has an Android OS. How can I transfer from Mapsource my waypoints, routes and tracks to the 4592LM.
I am not a tecchi and would appreciate any answers in a simple format.

Thanks  in advance..Sport181



I don't think you will be able to do that with an Android device. No familiarity with that model Nuvi as it isn't available in the US. However current generation Nuvi devices are not directly compatible with Mapsource here either. The problem is that Mapsource must be able to read and write files on the device, and it cannot do that on the newer models. Even if it can access the device, the file it wants may not be stored in the place that Mapsouce expects.

You could try Garmin Basecamp, which is able to access the protected files now new non-Adroid Nuvis. It maybe able to communicate with the 4592.

Otherwise, you could directly transfer the waypoint file from the device, then open it in Mapsource. On regular Nuvis, waypoints are stored in a file named Current.gpx. Try connecting the device to your computer and browsing the files to see if you can find Current.gpx (or any .gpx files). You can open these directly with Mapsource if you copy them to your computer.

There are also file manager programs that run on Android and give you full access to the entire filesystem. But for starters, I would install basecamp and see if it can directly access your waypoints when you connect the Nuvi. It is free.