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What to do, new GPS or get my 450 working again.

Started by jeffkruse, June 12, 2015, 09:27:12 AM

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I really don't know what I should do.  I have been using my Oregon 450 for 6+ years.  The power switch boot is gone, the micro SD card slot no longer works, the screen now has some horizontal lines going across it all the time. 

The final straw is that I can not get it to show some recent tracks.  The tracks show up using Basecamp but I can not get them to show up on the 450.  I had over 200 tracks on the unit so I removed some and still can not get these newer tracks to show up.  I have restored factory settings and even cleared all the memory by holding the corners during powerup and nothing works for these newer tracks.  I exported the gpx file to an app on my Iphone and I see those new tracks but not on my 450.

I wouldn't mind getting a new GPS if I could find a better one but I don't really see any "better" models out there.  I use it only for hiking.  I like the 4" screens but they are very heavy and still only limit you to 200 tracks.  My Iphone does way better but the battery sucks.

Any suggestions?


Mophie and Otterbox (probably others) make rugged iPhone cases that include a battery for more runtime. They should be cheaper than buying a new GPS.

For replacing the 450, you just missed the boat there. REI had the Oregon 600 on sale for $220 which was a very nice price, but the sale ended May 25. It used to be easy to find factory refurb Oregon 450s in the $180 to $200 price range, but I don't see any now.

200 tracks seems like an excessive amount to keep on the device. Not certain what is happening, but in the past Garmin limited tracks to a total of 10,000 points. Maybe that limit applies to all tracks on the device instead of individual files? I have also read that some Garmin handhelds can only handle a total of 250 files (of any type) - this might be a limitation of their proprietary operating system?

You could turn your tracks into a map and avoid all these issues. There are many ways to do this, but a couple programs look interesting:

Sorry, I have never used either of these myself.


I wound up doing a master reset again and deleting everything on the device.  I then put back only my information for the area I currently live in (NM).  It's all working but I still only use internal memory, no switch boot, and have some lines on the screen.

I'll try to hold out until some better model comes along.  200 Tracks is not a lot considering how long you expect to keep your data.  That's the whole point, 10 years from now if I go back to a place I want to find it!