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Started by K4GPS, June 15, 2015, 08:15:14 AM

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Have a 7in Android tablet with a 32gb SD card. I have used many GPS units back from the day of the GPS45 ad 50, GPSIII and 5 and several DeLorme models but have been out of it. Drove the flats in Moab last year with a rental Polaris RZRand wished I had a GPS with me. Now I have my own RZR and tablet mounted in the rig. I have backcountryNavigator and ORUX but want to be sure I am using the best option before I get involved with maps.

Any suggestions? Currently looking for trail maps in Western NC near Waynesville and Ashevile, WV and TN with some of GA.

I was given a photocopy of a google map with some trails near a cabin we are renting the 4th of July and would like to figure out if it's possible to scan and upload if not take from google maps and import myself. I guess I could duplicate it on line by looking at my hard copy map.

Any other resources and forums aimed more towards tablet mapping?



We have a thread on Android here:

I also use Orux, but I make my own maps using GlobalMapper. This is a very powerful but rather expensive GIS program, probably more than the average person would want to get into.

You could scan your paper map and use the technique provided for making Garmin Custom maps here - click on the "instructions" tab and ignore the part about device compatibility:

Follow steps 1 through 4, this will give you a .kmz file that Orux should be able to open. Not sure what you mean by "duplicate it online". If you have hardcopy of a map or satellite image that is already available at Google or elsewhere, of course you should use that as the quality will be higher. Orux is able to cache online imagery for offline use, although I don't use that feature myself.

Note that it may violate Google's user agreement if you download their data and use it offline, I haven't looked recently but in the past their license agreement said you could only use their data on their website.


What I was meaning is I only have the paper version that was given to us by the Cabin owner, it was done on google maps and printed out. I could go on google maps and center/zoom as they did for the photocopy I have then duplicate the trails at a much better resolution than the poor photocopy. Up to me I guess to either print and scan or download and use the image.

As you can see by my call sign I was very much into GPS and maps at its early stages of development but have lost interest over the years with other things in life mostly photography and work/family. I may get back into this aspect of the hobby now that we are taking up ATV ventures and trails with a Jeep. :-)


If you get serious about making maps, you should look at Globalmapper. It can do almost everything and open almost any file you find on the web. It has always been a very popular tool with the mapmakers on this forum, but unfortunately it has gotten more expensive over the yearss. You can download the free trial version here and see what you think.

Also some discussion of alternatives here, although it seems that astrophotography is more interesting than mapmaking around here these days  ;D


K4GPS,  BobT has done a lot with maps for Android devices.  Here is a link to some of his files for Android devices and my files for North Cumberland ATV Trails.

Orux -

Back Country -


My latest BCN and Orux maps can be found on this site.  I host my Garmin maps on here and have provided links to get the BCN and Orux maps if your read down the opening page linked to below you will see the hyperlinks to the downloads.  I think these might be newer than what Ed linked to, but them maybe not I haven't checked.


On your Android tablet you can try OSM maps, for example form OpenAndroMaps:

These should work in Orux, but I would prefer using Locus for them.

Other possibility is to use OsmAnd:

Which delivers own set of maps:


You might try the US Topo Maps App on the Google Playstore. It has many map types it will display, as well as let you download large sections of them to an SD card for offline use. I was astonished at all the maps that are available as well as photo maps too. It supports tracks, waypoints and routing. I paid the small fee and got the Pro version. It even has Doppler Radar overlays as an option!
Try it, you might like it!