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Started by Travel man, May 18, 2015, 01:58:17 PM

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Travel man

Are the maps only good for a garmin


For the most part, yes. However there are some .kmz files that may work in Google Earth and some smartphone apps. To find these, check the box next to "Garmin Custom (Imagery) (Newer GPSs)" in "Search by Map Features" here:

Travel man

Ok will only buy a gar in what would you suggest.


I make the WV ATV Trails map that includes the Hatfield McCoy trail that you can get on this site.  There is also a North Cumberland Trails map on here also.  They will work with any Garmin GPS.  The Garmin Montana is the very nice and pricey.  A lot of people just use Garmin Nuvi's that they have laying around the house.  When it comes to bouncing down the trail the bigger the screen the better.  Most people in SxS's are using Android tablets.

Travel man

I am 75 got a sxs and need a. Good unit, if I buy a android tablet 5 inch will it work and how do I down load the maps,I want the maps with the contour elevation ,like thr gar in 650' can you fix me up,or direct me in the right way,  thanks a million


If you are not familiar with Android devices I would suggest the Garmin Oregon that Indrid referred to in your other post.
You can download a Topo map from this site as well as my maps and other maps.  Almost all maps on this site are free.  You will also need Garmin's PC software called Basecamp.  This site has some good tutorials on how to load maps onto your GPS.
Though GPS units are not difficult to use there is a learning curve.

The link to my WV and HM trails map is below.

The link to the North Cumberland, TN map is below.