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Forum format vs. images in posts

Started by Boyd, March 08, 2015, 10:27:45 AM

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Is there some simple global setting in the forum software that would allow us to view the forum in a wider window? If you post an image, it is cut off at something like 600 pixels wide. You can see the rest of the image by scrolling the entire post but then the left side of all the text is offscreen.

This seems like something left over from the days when 1024x768 was the standard monitor resolution.  ;) On a forum dedicated to the discussion of maps, it sure would be nice if we could view the page in a larger window without cutting off the images.

Anyway, just a suggestion, if there's some easy way to fix it. Thanks!  :)


Do you have a sample post?  What browser?  Certainly SMF let's you change a lot of things...  This is a bit of a weird layout with the forum forced to a maximum width.  Normally I would suggest the default setting of 90% of screen .


Quote from: Red90 on March 25, 2015, 01:36:35 PM
Do you have a sample post?  What browser?

Look at the second image in my post here, it is 800 pixels wide.

I see the same thing happen in Safari on the Mac and Firefox on Windows. The width of the forum posts and images maxes out at 600 pixels wide. If you make the window wider, you just see big wide gray borders. There is a scroll bar at the bottom of a post like this, but when you scroll to the right to view the rest of the image, the left side of text in your post vanishes off the screen.

One problem is that there is a huge left margin which I suppose is intended to allow for big avatars or something. Whatever, it's not a big deal, just a bit annoying and unusual. Have never seen another forum that handles images like this.


In Configuration/Features and Layout.../Layout, he can set the "Max width of posted pictures" and the forum will shrink the image to that size if they are larger.  Clicking on it will show them in original size.

Personally, I would also suggest changing the forum width a percentage of screen instead of the fixed and small pixel setting used right now.  In Configuration/Current Theme.


I will investigate further to see how to make it work without breaking the rest of the design.
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