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Can't open GPX files.

Started by dapperd, February 27, 2015, 06:15:19 AM

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Dear Forum staff and Members,

I am a newbie to using GPS (etrex 20).  I have installed Garmin basecamp (latest version) and purchased great lakes 24k topo map for my etrex.  I am still in the infancy stage of using both my GPS and basecamp.  I endeavored to send a an attached gpx file to my daughter via email.  She said that her computer would not open that file extension.  She has an apple (Mac).  I sent the same to my computer (MS win7) with the same results, "unable to open that file extension".  I'm sure this is has already been addressed but I can use your help.  I would like to share my trail with my out of state children.  Kind regards and appreciation for this site and all your help.


On the Mac, your daughter can download basecamp from the App Store or directly from here:

She should then be able to click New List on the sidebar and go to File > Import into "New List", then choose the .gpx file that you sent. That will get the data into Basecamp, but of course she will then have to figure out what to do with it. She could download some free maps from here to display it on the map.

.gpx files are just text files, you can open them with a text editor or word processor. They contain XML code in a format that is used for exchanging geodata. There are many programs that can open .gpx files, depending on what you want to do. A google search should find lots of options.

On either the Mac or Windows, you will probably have to associate the .gpx file extension with your favorite software that is capable of reading them. This would be done just like any other file extension that you want to associate with a specific program on both operating systems.