Cut, Trim, or Split a Map File for Garmin Fenix 2

Started by 3rdCoastHand, March 02, 2015, 08:28:13 AM

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I am planning a hike with my Garmin Fenix 2 in NM (limited storage space on device of ~20 MB).

I have been able to download the NM Topo files from -Oz- and tried to send over only the sections I need, but I don't have enough space. Unfortunately the particular trails I'm going to are at the intersection of four map tiles. I don't need all the information around the edges.

Is there a way to trim, cut, or split these files into smaller chunks? I've googled everything I can't figure it out.


In the past, it has been the policy of this site not to allow discussion of ways to modify the maps that are posted here. Have you considered learning how to make your own maps in such a way as to make the best use of the fenix? Mapwel is arguably the most user-friendly program for making Garmin maps:

Otherwise, try contacting the author of the map(s) you want to trim and see if they will assist you.


Thanks for the responses!

I'll give Mapwel a try (this is the first I've heard of it). I'll try contacting the author directly.

popej, I have used your maps in the past for the fenix, they're great! I was just hoping to get something wtih Topo lines. The maps I have look pretty good on the Fenix, I just need more space or less map.  ;)