Suggestion for Mac user help with .gmapi files

Started by mscalora, March 19, 2015, 04:51:30 AM

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I spent quite a long time figuring out I needed to have Garmin MapManager installed before double clicking on .gmapi "file" works. At least on a clean Yosemite system with Garmin BaseCamp installed (from the Mac App Store) the .gmapi "file" looks like a folder and does not install when double clicked. It took quite a bit of digging to figure out I was missing the Garmin MapManager app. Something on the download page like "If the .gmapi looks like a folder, go to h††p://yada-yada and install Garmin MapManager then close and reopen the Downloads folder." The .gmapi folder didn't turn into a document until I closed and reopened the Finder window.

I think the typical way people install BaseCamp now is via the Mac App Store so I bet this issue gets in the way a lot. I'm sure all the experienced users on this site know the trick or have always had the MapManager utility installed so won't see this.