Mapsource Display Question using Custom Vector Maps

Started by eaparks, January 24, 2015, 10:56:54 AM

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I prefer using Mapsource over Basecamp for viewing my custom vector maps and track additions and modifications.  I am using Windows 7 Professional , 64 bit.   All of my comments will pertain to custom vector maps, not custom raster maps.  I use both Mapsources v6.13.7 and v6.16.3.  Each seems to do some things slightly better/different/faster than the other. 

My question is concerning the display of parts of my custom maps: 

1.  When using Mapsource v6.13.7 some of my custom made symbols, using a custom .typ file,  do not appear in Mapsource and just appear on the screen as a blank area the size of the symbol, ex. 16 x 20 pixel area, but these same custom made symbols appear properly in Mapsource v6.16.3, using the same custom .typ file.  Everything else works as it should with Mapsource v6.13.7.

2.  Another problem I experience when using Mapsource v6.16.3, still using the same .typ file, is that after I make a change to a custom map such as changing the color of a trail by assigning it a different "type" of polyline the change will appear correct and changed in all zoom levels in Mapsource v6.13.7, but in Mapsource v6.16.3 the change in the trail designation/color does not appear as changed until I zoom in below the zoom level of 0.2 miles, then the trail displays on the pc screen as being changed.  Map Detail Setting is set to "Highest".

Note:  My trail maps generally do not cover a huge number of square miles like a normal topo map would so I make my trails to appear at all zoom levels making the map much easier to find on the gps 's screen, when you are not in that locale.

All of what I am referring to only has to do with the display on the pc screen, everything appears properly on the gps when the maps are transferred to the gps regardless of which Mapsource program I use for the transfer.

I'm wondering if there is something I can correct to prevent the 2 issues in each version of Mapsource or is this just a common problem with Mapsource and just have to live with it since Mapsource and custom vector maps are not supported by Garmin? 

Thanks for any suggestions I might try.


You probably already know this, but just in case.... have you tried typing CTL-G CTL-G? That clears the mapsource cache and forces a complete re-render of the map. It often clears up issues like #2 in your list.

How are you creating your custom types? I had some problems with POI types in the past, but haven't noticed any since I switched to TYPViewer. But I mainly use custom types for lines and polygons, not POI.


Boyd, thanks for the suggestion.  I create my custom POIs several different ways - copying an image, resizing, and changing parameters and save as a .jpeg, .bit, or .png file, or create an image from scratch with various graphics software.  Once I have created the image I too use TypViewer for creating the .typ file and sometimes will modify the image even more in TypViewer.