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Trail map WNF

Started by shannon, January 09, 2015, 08:06:40 PM

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Is there a map of the Wayne Nat Forest trails anywhere??



I do not know of a "Map" but I do have some tracks.  I know this is not a track sharing site but I have attached them.  If a mod deletes this just PM me you email and I will send them to you.


You could make your own map using this technique with the the data the LIHIKER posted. Click the "compatibility" tab at this link to see if your device is compatible (most newer Garmin models are, but older ones like the 60csx or eTrex legend are not).

This technique is only practical for small maps however. To make larger maps, try this program. I believe it will directly import geoTIFF files without the need to align them:


Thanks all,I will check those out