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Started by FranM, October 29, 2014, 02:29:21 PM

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I just downloaded Trails and executed the installer. Following the Notes for Basecamp the Import feature does not find the .img files in the destination folder. Any suggestions?


Quote from: FranM on October 29, 2014, 02:29:21 PM
Following the Notes for Basecamp the Import feature does not find the .img files

Not sure what notes you're looking at, but you do not "import" .img files into Basecamp. They must be installed into basecamp - a process that includes making entries in the WIndows Registry. The installer should do all of this for you - users are not even supposed to be aware of the existence of the .img files.

Following the install, the map should be visible in the dropdown menu, as shown here. If this doesn't happen, there was a problem installing the map. Unfortunately, there seem to be a number of posts about problems with this map recently.


Boyd, thanks - I found the 'My Trails' under the drop down Maps menu. I was following the Notepad Text which opened up from the installer and authored by Jim Bensman. Anyway, I would like to have those trails for NH and ME especially overlay on the nhtopo11 map. Can this be accomplished in Basecamp?


Unfortunately, you can only view one map at a time in Basecamp. A map overlay like MyTrails can only be combined with another map on the GPS itself (simply enable both in the Map Setup).

You could display MyTrails over raster imagery in Basecamp however. Raster imagery includes Garmin's Birdseye series (satellite imagery and scanned paper maps) as well as "custom maps" you can make yourself (see ). I've uploaded some of these here, and there are others as well. You can search for this kind of map by going to the main map page and checking the box that says "Garmin Custom Imagery" in the "Search by Map Features" box.