cgpsmapper Error E3032 Layer 0 of the map cannot be empty

Started by RCinSTP, October 18, 2014, 06:23:34 AM

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I have .jpg image from a topo map. I opened the .jpg in ExpertGPS and geo-rectified the file. I opened the geo-rectified file in GPSMapEdit and saved as .mp file.  Then I put cgpsmapper.exe and the .mp file in the same folder on my (Windows) computer and opened a command prompt and typed:  cgpsmapper.exe
I get this error message:  Error E3032 Layer 0 of the map cannot be empty.

Any ideas how to fix this?  I am trying to convert the .jpg to a Garmin .img file format.  I am not aware of any "layers" in the .jpg file, it is just a picture from a topo map which I added the Long-Lat coordinates with ExpertGPS.  In GPSMapEdit, in Map Properties, I have two layers listed.


"jpg" is a raster image while mp is a vector format. There is no easy way to convert one into another and GPSMapEdit doesn't support any conversion between these format.

Your map is simply empty.


What kind of GPS do you have? Newer Garmin handheld devices (such as Oregon, Montana, Dakota, GPSMap 62, eTrex 20/30) support raster imagery but older ones do not. Here are Garmin's  instructions for making simple maps of this type (it is limited to a 1024x1024 image):

You can make larger maps like this with software such as g-raster:

If you have an older device that doesn't support this kind of map, there are some "hacks" that work with limitations. MOAGU is one of them: