Would like help with learning how to down load maps to my GPS

Started by pechacekcp, October 18, 2014, 07:09:22 PM

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Newbe here. (I have down loaded the base camp, winzip and something else to help me read my maps but I don't know if I'm doing or using the right software)

I am hoping that some one out here will be able to help me learn to down load Topo 1:240,000 maps to my GPS's, I bought a Garmin GPS 62sc and a Garmin etrex 20. (I'm one of those people who are a gadget freak and like to buy things that I don't know how to use but they look cool). Any ways, I would like some one to help me figure out how to convert the maps that I do down load to where I can read or see them on my GPS, I have down loaded a Texas topo and bought a Texas wilderness topo and every time I try to switch maps on the gps and push enter nothing happens and it still looks like a regular vehicle gps.

Basically what I need is like an grade school terminology (step by step) on how to down load from the computer to the gps and then to my memory card and then be able to use the maps that I want like I want.

Thank you.