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please help....i'm practicle student

Started by shera87, February 07, 2010, 07:11:23 PM

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actually i'm new in world of GIS. I'm only practicle student. I need to do research on opensource map server. After a little research, i have install map-server and use geomoose application as base. I also had replace the data in geomoose application with my own data using shapefile connection. Now because my supervisor want me to add search service, i need to use postgreal and postgis as database and do query. Now i have install postgresql and postgis. I also had create database. Now the problem is when i change the mapfile of one of my data to connection to postgis, the layer didn't appear. I think the problem is in my database because when i try to add postgis layer in software udig, it cannot be connected. How i need to solve this problem??can you show me how??


I would work through this as I do programming; what will connect to the database (try pgadmin) then you can diagnose what appears to be a connection issue.
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