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Alaska Map Possibility?

Started by TEmbry, June 14, 2009, 10:57:05 PM

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I was wondering if anyone of you gurus out there had a map already in store for Alaska?  I am heading to Kodiak Island in August, actually a small island named Sitkinak Island off the Southwest corner to be specific.  It appears to only be 10 miles by 10 miles tops.

How big of a project would it be to get a 1:24k contour map of this island, or does someone already have this general area?

I'd even be willing to pay for the file if that was an issue.  Going to need it for my 60csx.

These maps and site in general have been perfect so far.

Indrid Cold

I know where Sitkinak Island is, there used to be a Coast Guard Station there by Mark Lake. Interesting, why are you going there?


Quote from: TEmbry on June 14, 2009, 10:57:05 PM
How big of a project would it be to get a 1:24k contour map of this island, or does someone already have this general area?
A difficult project - most of the source data comes from published USGS maps, which for Alaska are at a scale of 1:63.360.  I prepared Alaska in March & April, but due to latck of detailed info on the contour intervals used on the published quads, minor issues with land ownership/usage, and major issues in some areas with the detailed NHD hydro data, I did not upload the mapset.  The two .img files which have Sitkinak Island (and most of Kodiak Island) total about 3Mb.  If interested (CI is 100 feet), send me an email address - you can use the instructions on this site to install them into MapSource using MapSetTookKit.


Thanks for the replies.  Myself and two buddies are going up to film an episode for outdoor television of a do it yourself sitka blacktail bowhunt.  It will be a short 8-9 day excursion, and the lack of bears on sitkinak was the main allure over Kodiak island itself.

I can't wait to try the 100 ft contour map.  I didn't realize a really detailed map would be that big of a hassle, but it makes since with the lack of data.

Thanks guys!


What I was trying to convey was that most of the source data for Alaska is at a scale of 1:63360 so the resulting mapset for a GPSr would be 1:63k and not 1:24k.  Since you do not have an email address with your profile and I do not see an icon for attaching a file in the general email, attached is a .zip file including a .tdb and preview .img file.  Use the second part of these instructions for installing in MapSource -


Thanks a million man!  That is EXACTLY what I was looking for and needed.

Can't thank you enough.  The software was amazingly easy to use as well!


Planning a float on the Kanektok river this summer and trying to locate a decent 1:63k vector map for that area. Tried building some raster maps, but have concerns about readability on Oregon gps. Anyone have or can suggest anything I might look at?


I put one together last spring; however, because of issues with the NHD hydro (among others, missing ocean polygons and unable to get all the islands to 'cut out' of the ocean polygons), I decided for boater safety reasons not to upload it.

What are the location coords?

If you do not need topo, see:  , it does not use NDH for hydro, but is a year more recent.


Thanks for quick response maps4gps. Checked out planimetric, not enough detail to really define terrain. Would prefer topo. Rectangle I need for Kanektok River is approx:

TOPO! GPS Data Format DegMin NAD27 ElevFeet Local-Time
NW CORNER,60,01.640,-162,04.204,16,02/22/2010,12:48:35,
SW CORNER,59,37.007,-162,04.541,0,02/22/2010,12:49:28,
SE CORNER,59,36.957,-159,54.509,628,02/22/2010,12:49:44,
NE CORNER,60,01.493,-159,54.748,1227,02/22/2010,12:49:55,

Every summer, I float a different river in this larger area:

TOPO! GPS Data Format DegMin NAD27 ElevFeet Local-Time

I have 1:100,000 set from Garmin. Looking for a bit more detail. Not sure what you've got, but I'd love to see it. If I ever float out into the Gulf of Alaska, I'll have bigger problems than a few holes in my map. I'll try to attach raster jpegs of both areas so you can see what I'm talking about.


Is the vector map to go on the Oregon?


Yes, depending on how much geography there is, all or part of it as selected from Mapsource.


Files were emailed.  About 21Mb - if your email does not take such a large attachment I could try USendIt.  Use the tutorial to install into MapSource.


Hmmm. No email received in either Outlook client app or webmail. Checked with ISP and limit is 2gb, with only 17% of that sitting in box. Checked with GPSFileDepot and email address in profile is correct. Did you get a bounceback on sent email?


I checked my and see the following message:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

   cathomas at hughes dot net  --- typed in original as a normal address

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 552 552 5.3.4 Error: message file too big (state 18).

If the above email is good, I'll try sending it via USendIt.


Hah. Thanks for the followup on that. I think I'll forward your message along to my friends at Hughes. My address is correct. Do I need to do anything on my end to receive through Usendit?