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cant get any maps here 2 work

Started by rnarc, August 22, 2014, 08:02:46 PM

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Hi I have a Dakota 20 and a nuvi 50 LM

I have downloaded a bunch of maps here and have base camp, gamin express, map install and map source all installed but cant get even 1 map to down load into my garmin or work in any at all.
in the nuvi 50 it has a .gma , .img , .unl , .gsd files and will only use the lower 48 states update from garmin.
I copied and pasted the .img , . gma and ID files from the dakota since I purchased the 100 K topo from garmin and i get the error [ can not unlock map ]
I also installed the Gameandfishnetwork from this site into my pc and in it is the newenglandtopo containing a ton of img files and 1  TDB file and nope wont read them either.
Can not get  base camp, gamin express, map install and map source to open the maps from here at all to be installed.

so presently I am at a loss as to how to make any of them work.


I'm a little confused by your post. If a mapset contains a .gma or .unl file, then it is a copy protected Garmin product and NOT a map from this site. These maps can only be used on the GPS for which they were originally purchased. If you copy them to another device, you will get the "cannot unlock maps" error message. If you are not able to use your legally purchased Garmin maps on the device for which they were purchased, contact Garmin support:

Regarding the free maps from this site, you must first install them in Basecamp or Mapsource on your computer. After completing this process, you may use either Basecamp or Mapsource to send the map (or portions of it) to your GPS. The "ton of .img files an 1 .tdb file" are data that is used by Basecamp/Mapsource. You should not be messing with these files directly; do NOT copy them to your GPS, use the following tutorials for installing the maps on your computer and sending them to your GPS.


I had difficulties that were solved by turning off the Win8 computer and firing up the Win7 computer...


Hey I'm having trouble too :(
I download the map from gpsfiledepot, then go about the tutorial of importing it to basecamp or my device (garmin Dakota 10) but when it comes time to find the google earth doc, it's not in the file. all the folders are there, it's just empty at the end.

what's going on!? :o


What do you mean by "google earth doc"? What maps are you trying to load? What tutorial did you use? We will need more specific info from you in order to help...