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How to get Basecamp to print UTM grid lines

Started by TeleBruce, August 08, 2014, 11:41:45 AM

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So that's my question.
How do I get Basecamp to show & print UTM grid lines on my maps?
I do not see them on the screen, or in print.
I should add I am using the Garmin TOPO US 24k Southeast map software. Latest version I think.

Thank you


Hi Telebruce,

      Have you tried to set your preference to UTM?  I did a test print in BaseCamp, and it was able to print a map overlay with UTM grid. This was using NY TOPO from GPSFILEDEPOT. Try another map to see if BaseCamp is able to print UTM.

hope it helps..


Yes preferences are set to UTM in Base camp. No luck.
What I really want are true 7.5 minute (24k) maps that I can print with my routes/waypoints etc on them. So far the only software I found that could do that was Nat. Geo. TOPO! which is no longer available.


Yes, they print once in UTM display.  Are you using the current version?  Have you messed with any display settings?


In the "page setup" on the print dialog, make sure "Grid" is checked.  That is the setting for printing the grid lines.


Thank you for both replies, I do have the latest version, and will make sure grid is checked in the print menu. will get to it later this week and post back.

I really miss using Nat. Geo TOPO! they were exactly what I needed.