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A road map of Florida with turn by turn routing??

Started by Kiwi, June 14, 2009, 09:46:30 AM

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I'm on the lookout for a routable map of Florida roads as I'm planning a trip there later in the year and will be doing quite a bit of driving. I have downloaded Florida Topo, Ibycus USA 2.1, SE USA and none of these seem to have routing support (at least in MapSource).
Am I doing something wrong or is there a routable map of FL roads around somewhere?  ???


Thanks for the link! I must say, anyway, that as far as auto routable maps go, they're pretty lousy!  :(
Many of the nodes are disconnected and drawing even the simplest routes becomes a very time-consuming effort.

I have therefore downloaded MapEdit and am trying to modify (correct) the maps, but find that once I have finally exported the files back into .img format I have now completely lost all "auto-routability"..   :o

SO: New question is where can I find a MapEdit tutorial for modifying maps?

Thanks again!