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Florida Topo Map not recognized

Started by mjnilles, July 30, 2014, 10:35:03 AM

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I've been through the forums over the past couple days trying to resolve this issue to no avail. Please help. I have Windows Vista (with service pack 2), Basecamp, and JavaWa. I have downloaded My Trails, SE Land Ownership, and Florida Topo maps. Basecamp does not see the Florida Topo anywhere and that's the map I really need. I have tried uninstalling/installing, with Basecamp closed/open. Basecamp is up to date. I downloaded JavaWa, and it does not even see that the Florida Topo is installed, tho the installer consistently says it is installed. All maps were downloaded from this website.

The only other clue I can think to mention is that the Florida Topo installs to
C:\programdata\garmin\maps\file name
while the other maps can be seen listed in
C:\garmin\file name

I also tried moving the folder into C:\garmin\ but that did not work either.
...starting to pull out my hair...
Any help would be greatly appreciated.